Nuzlocke 3: A grinding noise

The third gym in Johto is the infamous one, even more-so than the last one and Clair’s Kingdra which gave lots of trainers trouble back during GSC. The real nemesis of many young trainers is Whitney and her Miltank.

For those of you who might have repressed the memory, or the few of you who are lucky enough to not carry scars on your soul, Whitney’s Miltank has the following moveset:

Miltank lv 20 (GSC) / lv 19 (HGSS)shudder
– Attract
– Milk Drink
– Stomp
– Rollout

There are a few issues with this moveset, at least considering it belongs to the signature pokémon of the third gym leader. First of all, Milk Drink is a pretty powerful move – it restores 50% of the user’s maximum HP and isn’t affected by weather like Moonlight/Morning Sun/Synthesis, and it has 10PP. Plenty of PP to stall that is. Stomp is a base power 65, 100% accurate Normal move (meaning Miltank gets STAB so the effective base power of her Stomp is 97,5 – certainly nothing to sneeze at at that point in the game), with a 30% chance to cause the target to flinch – a pretty darn high rate. Rollout is probably her more famous move, a base power 30 Rock move that hits for five turns consecutively and doubles in power each turn. This is really scary on paper, but it’s 90% accurate, meaning hitting for five turns in a row is far from guaranteed, and any interruption to it (such as the opponent using Protect) resets the power. I’d argue that Stomp is the better move on Miltank in this case. Lastly, she has Attract, which causes infatuation in pokémon of the opposite gender, which 87,5% of the starters happen to be.

All things considered, Miltank is a nightmare to battle, and I was well aware of this beforehand. After my fiasco against Bugsy leading to the death of Wollcroft, my beloved Flaaffy, I wasn’t having it this time. I didn’t take any chances. I grind’d. Like hell.

Stein, my Geodude, got to work and I leveled it all the way up to level 25, where it evolved into Graveler. Then, I traded it to my Pearl cart, where it evolved into Golem, and then traded it back.

Despite these preparations, I was still nervous going in against Whitney. Steven Stone, my friend who helped me pick my starter, jumped on the wagon after I gushed about the awesomeness of Nuzlockes for a couple of days, and while he didn’t have a Golem, he still managed to beat Whitney before me, using a pretty cool Ekans with Glare and Bite to give Miltank some of her own medicine!

Clefairy went down pretty easily against Pineco who spammed Bug Bite. My heart skipped a beat when Clefairy used Metronome, and it did turn into Rock Tomb, but that’s a physical move, so despite being super effective on Pineco, it didn’t do much damage. Whitney then sent out Miltank, and I stayed in, and then swapped immediately to Stein the Golem.

Stein used Magnitude twice, and the battle was over. Miltank did manage to flinch Stein two turns in a row, but other than that, it was very elementary. Nothing near the drama of the battle against Bugsy, nor the previous rival battle against Gecko. What a shame.

Lesson learned, I suppose. I grinded (ground?) too hard this time around, for fear of Whitney’s Miltank, and it took all the drama out of the battle.

trainer card 2
Marx the Croconaw, level 20
Platon the Noctowl, level 20
Stein the Golem, level 25
Arendt the Pineco, level 18


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