Nuzlocke 4: Talent borrows…

Yesterday I spent most of my post gushing over Whitney’s Miltank. What I failed to say is that I generally like Miltank as a pokémon. She has pretty neat well-rounded stats, though somewhat lacking in offensive prowess, she has a great typing and two good abilities, and she is surprisingly fast – she is technically in the same speed tier as pokémon such as Salamence, Linoone, Staraptor, Mega- Medicham and a bunch others who certainly look or feel faster than Miltank. She is also capable of playing a great support role on almost any team thanks to her wide movepool featuring the coveted Heal Bell, and Milk Drink, and she can spread status around with Thunder Wave, Toxic, or Body Slam (which gets STAB and thus reaches a pretty decent level of power).

MIltank’s issue, in competitive battling, is that she doesn’t quite excel at anything. There are many better options to perform either of Miltank’s roles – there are better support options, better tanks, and better offensive options. So she is in one of the lower tiers.

In-game, however, she is a complete house. I used to have one in my Y playthrough and she was one of the mainstays on the team. I also like her design, which is very distinct, but I can also see how it’s very polarizing.

Imagine my surprise when the first thing that pops out at me as I step onto Route 38 is a level 13 Miltank! I immediately caught it, and added it to the team. It’s Lonely, which isn’t really the best possible nature (but who cares in-game?), but more importantly, she has Scrappy for ability, meaning she will probably be pretty good in my battle against Morty (did I mention that Miltank is naturally faster than Gastly and Haunter?).

I’ve also picked up my Eevee from Bill, and I gave it the Soothe Bell. I’ve been pondering back and forth on what to evolve it into, and I was stuck between either making it another bulky pokémon in the team (and thus make it a Vaporeon or an Umbreon), or an offensive sweeper (Jolteon or Espeon). After texting my younger brother about the issue, he reasoned that I should make it a Jolteon or Espeon, since those “are my evolutions”. We tend to split these things pretty evenly – he picks one of the versions, I the other. He picks the grass starter, I pick the water starter. He likes Umbreon, I like Espeon, etc. Espeon is indeed my favourite of Eevee’s possible evolutions, and it has a slightly less awful movepool compared to Jolteon in gen 4, so Espeon it is.

My updated Trainer Card:
trainer card 3
Marx the Croconaw, level 25
Platon the Noctowl, level 22 (Confusion! Woo!)
Stein the Golem, level 26
Arendt the Pineco, level 22
Hilde the Miltank, level 22
Sokrates the Eevee, level 5

I’m not planning to level any of them further than level 25 (Stein not withstanding) before taking on Morty, since his Gengar is level 25. Hopefully I’ll avoid having another boring gym battle, like the one against Whitney.


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