Nuzlocke 5: Tour de Goldenrod

As I wrote yesterday, I had decided to evolve my Eevee to Espeon, due to it being my favourite and fitting quite well into the team. I spent the evening grinding up its friendship, which was less of a hassle than I remembered, and went to bed as soon as the heart emoji popped up above Eevee’s head. Turns out, I must’ve been really tired, since I apparently wasn’t even close to the proper friendship level when I turned on the game this morning to evolve it. I gave Eevee the only vitamin I had found so far, a HP Up. I gave it a haircut. I trained it to level 8. Still nothing. So I did what I could in the situation, and – still with the Soothe Bell firmly in Eevee’s grasp – I got on my bike and rode it up and down in Goldenrod while listening to a podcast as my daughter was sleeping. And, after a long while, Sokrates finally evolved into Espeon! It’s level 15 now, so it has just learned Confusion. I expect great things from him!

trainer card 4
Marx the Croconaw, level 25
Platon the Hoothoot, level 22
Stein the Golem, level 26
Arendt the Pineco, level 21
Hilde the Miltank, level 24 (just learned Body Slam! Whoo!)
Sokrates the Espeon, level 15

I also wanted to take a moment and focus a bit on the team of my friend, who we’ll still call Steven Stone, who is playing the game as well. We’re often discussing the game, how we’re progressing, any unfortunate deaths or great successes etc. His only death so far was his level 12 Abra who fell to a Rattata using Pursuit. Very unfortunate, R.I.P.

I mocked up a trainer card for my friend too, using the same site as my own.

trainer card steven
As you can see, our teams are completely different. We are more or less exactly at the same point in the game, only I’ve had time to evolve my Eevee. He’s currently grinding for a Water Stone in the PokéAthlon and, according to rumours, is secretly hoping whoever designed that bit “gets hit by a bus”, or at least has a bad night of sleep over it or something.

The most interesting member of his team, in my opinion, is Arbok. It’s also the one who he has been the most surprised with so far. My friend said he was disappointed when he didn’t get a Mareep on that route, but Ekans’/Arbok’s Intimidate has come in handy more than a few times in the early gyms. Right now, its moveset is:
– Glare
– Headbutt
– Acid
– Crunch

Glare is a pretty powerful move, since it can paralyze any type of pokémon, and it can be combined with Headbutt for some para-flinch shenanigans (which, according to my friend, has been very useful so far). I expect Arbok to come in clutch in the upcoming fight against Morty as well, since Glare works on Ghost types, and Crunch will probably OHKO most things the gym can throw at him.

The only part I don’t like about my friend’s team is that he is very weak to Ice, but according to my friend, he consider Rocky the Onix to be played out now that the first three gyms are done, and he expects to replace a few of the members – more specifically Zubat and Pidgeotto – in the future, or at least before Pryce. I really like how our teams are completely different, even though we’re playing the same game by the same rules.

Hopefully, with a little luck, we’ll both make it to 16 badges before losing!


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