Nuzlocke 7: Double feature

Chuck is down, Jasmine is down. Boths fights were fairly unexciting. Not grinding too much I hope. To my surprise, Croconaw evolved at level 30, a detail which had somehow slipped my mind. I knew it was before level 36, but at that early stage – sweet! It still knows two HM:s though, I can’t wait to make it to the move deleter to get rid of Cut.

Team progress:
trainer card 6
Marx the Croconaw, level 32
Platon the Noctowl, level 30
Stein the Golem, level 31
Arendt the Forretress, level 32
Hilde the Miltank, level 30
Sokrates the Espeon, level 31

Next up – Pryce!


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