Nuzlocke 8: Goodnight, sweet Owl

Platon the Noctowl is no more. He didn’t see much action against Pryce’s gym, but it was a breeze anyway – the Ice type has always been terrible defensively. In my subsequent battle against Claire, I got reckless, however, and Platon fell to a Dragonair’s Dragon Pulse.

In my defense, it must’ve been a low roll followed by a high roll, because the second attack did make a few more HP:s of damage – no critical hit or nothing. It saddens me that Platon is gone, since he was my first capture and the longest-staying member on the team sans Feraligatr.

His sacrifice wasn’t in vain, however, I beat Claire with the rest of my team. Her infamous Kingdra wasn’t as bad as I remembered, I sent out Sokrates the Espeon, who set up a Light Screen and then KO’d Kingdra safely with two Psybeams.

I’m currently trying to fill the void in my team left by Platon. Even though he was on the lower end of the scale power-wise, without redeeming qualities like Milk Drink, a special ability, or something similar, he was very useful. He was pretty darn powerful with Hypnosis, Confusion and Fly/Air Slash. He had been missing a lot of Hypnoses towards the end of it, perhaps he was getting old.

noctowl1R.I.P. Platon the Noctowl, level 3-35

In the end, Platon’s place will be filled by Chuck, the Hitmontop. I got a Jolly Tyrouge from the Karate Master in Mt. Mortar, but it had Guts, meaning if I had evolved it to my first choice, Hitmonchan, it would get Keen Eye instead of Iron Fist, the much-preferred ability. However, Guts Tyrouge evolves into Intimidate Hitmontop, and that is awesome! My plan is to give him a King’s Rock and Fake Out/Triple Kick the world into flinches for days. I have managed to evolve the Tyrouge with the help of a couple of Irons, and here’s my trainer card at the time of writing:

trainer card 7
Marx the Feraligatr, level 38
Stein the Golem, level 35
Arednt the Forretress, level 35
Hilde the Miltank, level 36
Chuck the Hitmontop, level 20

I was planning on naming Chuck “Charles” first (after Darwin), but it felt like an awkward nickname, so using the short form, and at the same type naming him after the fighting gym leader of the region felt like a much neater way.


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